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This is a game about WWI, and about the people who took part in it. Meet the characters manning the trenches, and discover their personalities, their thoughts, fears and desires, behind their horizon blue uniforms.

. . . . .

It would require a great philosopher and historian, to explain the causes of the Great War. Let it suffice to say, that Germany and Austria were allied, and at war with Russia, Great Britain, and France.

To spark the war was a diplomatic incident in the Balkans, which rapidly escalated into global conflict, in the summer of nineteen fourteen. All across Europe, millions of men were called to serve, and many others volunteered.

Germany was engaged on two fronts, and had to act quickly. The plan was to take France by surprise, by invading through neutral borders, and to make her surrender before Russia could deploy her armies in the east. Within a month, the germans were marching through Belgium, and then onto french territory, approaching Paris.

The prospect of a quick victory for Germany was thwarted at the Marne, where the allies made a desperate stand. Defeated, and forced to recede, the germans switched to the defense, retreating to an advantageous position, and digging in. Then, while entrenched, they repelled any attempt by the allies, to regain any more ground.

Before long, the entire frontline, from the belgian coast to the alps, turned into a labyrinthian system of trenches, dugouts, and barbed wire fences. A tactical stalemate ensued, and the war settled into a war of attrition.

Now it's early spring, nineteen sixteen. The sixtyfirst regiment of infantry, veteran of the battle of Artois, is manning the trenches in a relatively quiet sector of the front, a few miles west of Saint Magloire. Some ruins, on the other side of no man's land, is all that remains of the town.

Since recently, a pomeranian division has deployed in the opposite trenches, and artillery fire has become more intense. The telephone lines have gone off, because of the lucky hit of a german howitzer. Until the problem is solved, communications between the regiment and headquarters must be done via couriers.

You play the part of one such courier. You are tasked with delivering an important dispatch to colonel Coreau, who's at the command of the regiment. It's eight in the morning, on april the sixth, nineteen sixteen, and the colonel is waiting for you in the reserve trenches.

. . . . .

This is a game about war, but it is not about combat. You won't find waves upon waves of enemies, only waves upon waves of text. For those who are into history, visual novels, and walking simulators.

Headphones, a dark room, and about an hour of spare time are recommended. The game lacks a saving system. After the game ends, more content becomes accessible by clicking the extras button in the main menu.

The game has been notably improved by updates. All releases are standalone, and the current version is 1.4. If the game doesn't work on your machine, or if you find a typo or a bug, please leave a comment or contact the developer.

Per gli italiani la fuori, navigatori intraprendenti nelle acque tempestose della rete, raccomando di giocare Adrian nella lingua madre dello sviluppatore. Cioè questa.

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Really great, different war game! The visual style with the slight fog and the good story go together really well. It's a bit like reading an interactive book.

We'd be happy to see this game in our this year's Game Development World Championship!

In my usual game search, I came across the symbolic barbed wire Adrian. This was an amazingly intense narrative despite the brief silences between artillery shelling. That silence amplified the immersion and made me dwell on the Grimm, Dark power of war this expresses. I have to say I was surprised by what this game entailed for me, looking at the character models, I was expecting perhaps a small combat sequence (contrary to the description), but the result was a rather wonderfully dark experience as an observer. This is a wonderful experience despite the downside of it all resulting in such great losses. I hope to revisit this again just to gain new perspective on all the stories. Happy Memorial Day to all!